Roberson Slides Ferguson For Virginia FASTRAK Score


JAMAICA, Va. – Logan Roberson got by Carson Ferguson with two laps left Saturday night, executing a perfect slide job for the lead at Virginia Motor Speedway.

Roberson went on to score the win in the Northern Neck Chevrolet Prelude to the World Championship. He made two attempts to get by Ferguson before finally pulling off the slide job to take the lead.

Once out front, Roberson was able to hold Ferguson at bay for the victory.

“Racing with my friend Carson (Ferguson) was a blast, I hated getting into him for the win. We thrashed really hard after hot laps to get this car to where we think we have a really good car for the World Championship,” noted Roberson in victory lane.

Rounding out the top five were Ferguson, Corey Almond, Justin Williams and Walker Arthur.

In other action, Christian Thomas made his long trip pay off with a flag to flag Budweiser Modified victory, while in the Truckin Thunder Sportsman class Tim Shelton wired the field for the win and in the Collision One Limited Stock Car feature Cory Bradley scored his third win of the season.

The finish:

 1. 17R-Logan Roberson [4]; 2. 00-Carson Ferguson [5]; 3. 7A-Corey Almond [7]; 4. 2W-Justin Williams [12]; 5. 87-Walker Arthur [13]; 6. 6-Dillon Brown [2]; 7. 55-Matt Long [6]; 8. 30-Tyler Bare [14]; 9. 11D-Banjo Duke [11]; 10. 22-Nick Schlager [23]; 11. 01-Matt Glanden [20]; 12. 71-Davis Lipscombe [15]; 13. 2-Frankie Beard [21]; 14. 09-Brad Rigdon [24]; 15. 6J-Jacob Brown [8]; 16. 101-Forrest Trent [16]; 17. 0-Dale Hollidge [18]; 18. 32-Michael Brown [1]; 19. 79-Kyle Hardy [3]; 20. 22E-Russell Erwin [19]; 21. 18E-Ethan Wilson [22]; 22. 2G-Ron Geehring [17]; 23. 14C-Chuck Bowie [10]; 24. 11-David Smith [9]