NDRL Takes Over McKean, Absorbs ULMS


PITTSBURGH – The National Dirt Racing League and McKean Motorsports, LLC have come to an agreement to turn all McKean County Raceway operations over to the NDRL and National Dirt Racing League, LLC.

The popular third-mile oval in East Smethport, Pa., will now be officially referred to as The NDRL’s McKean County Raceway.

As NDRL’s McKean County Raceway operates under the National Dirt Racing League banner, long time series promoter Chris Zuver will handle the day-to-day operations at the facility as General Manager.

“Becoming the new General Manager at McKean County Raceway is childhood dream come true,” Zuver said. “MCR has been my home track since I was kid, there is a lot of history at what I believe is one of the regions nicest facilities. I have been blessed to have had the United Late Model Series (ULMS) there for the past six years under the former management of McKean Motorsports.

“My good friends at MCR, Ken Leet, Rod Biehler, Tom Gleason and Rich Yeager all but saved our series in 2006 and I hope that all the learning I have absorbed from listening to so many different successful promoters over the years in the entire mid-atlantic region will help me be a very successful general manager at McKean County Raceway for years to come. The last 28 years have seen lot of great action at the third-mile oval and all I can say to the race fans and race teams is the best is yet to come.

“Chris was an obvious choice for us to put in charge,” said NDRL President Jason Shank. “First and foremost, to be general manager at The NDRL’s McKean County Raceway has been his dream for as long as I’ve known Chris. Secondly, he’s just the right man for the job. He’s passionate about the track, he’s passionate about the sport, and with everything he’s done in the past with the United Late Model Series (ULMS) and the United EMod Series (UEMS), he has the experience and know how to take on the responsibility as General Manager.”

The former promotional team at McKean Motorsports will stay on board at the raceway for the first month or so to make sure the transition period to the NDRL is a smooth one.

With the addition of McKean County Raceway to the NDRL family, the National Dirt Racing League will also absorb the Kennedy Motorsports United Late Model Series (ULMS) and the United E-Mod Series. Both tours will be renamed to become the NDRL’s ULMS Racing Series and the NDRL’s United E-Mod Series.

The NDRL’s ULMS & UEMS series’ will see minimal, if any changes for the 2013 season and will go on as originally scheduled.

“Bringing on or forming our own regional series was one of our goals when we created the National Dirt Racing League,” Shank said. “Chris (Zuver) has done a wonderful job with the ULMS the last 13 years and the UEMS for 6 years. However, there is still a void in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region for regional racers. We’re hoping that eventually we’ll be able to fill that void with the NDRL’s ULMS Racing Series.”