NDRL Reveals Point Fund Details


PHOENIX – Officials of the National Dirt Racing League today announced many details of the Series’ 2014 points fund payout, Rookie of the Year awards and their “Royal Rewards” Program for their top-ten touring drivers.

“This is a very strong point fund and rookie program. And this is just the cash portion of the program. We anticipate making many more announcements regarding contingency and prize awards in the weeks ahead,” said NDRL Series Director Kelley Carlton. “We just wanted to be able to get this information out to teams who are interested in following the tour. We mailed out letters to around 50 drivers detailing the programs and containing the working schedule. We know that they need to prepare to approach their sponsors and supporters at PRI and they needed some solid information to help them put together their program.”

The NDRL’s 2014 “King of Dirt” will receive $65,000 in cash as the champion. The payout then progresses down to $45,000, $35,000 and $25,000 for second, third and fourth. The fifth place point finisher will receive $22,500. Sixth through tenth place finishers will earn $20,000; $19,000; $18,000; $17,000 and $16,000 respectively. Eleventh will garner $10,000 and twelfth will receive $7,500.

The NDRL will also have a very lucrative Rookie of the Year program. The top-three finishers in battle for Rookie of the Year honors will receive cash prizes in the amounts of $7,500; $5,000 and $2,500 respectively. Combined these programs are equal to $315,000 total cash payout not including prizes, purse monies or Royal Rewards monies.

The series is also introducing its “Royal Rewards” Program which will award travel money and other perks to drivers who are in the top-ten in series points or top-three in the Rookie of the Year standings. Drivers among the top-ten who maintain good standing and perfect attendance will be eligible for $750 per race venue while Rookie competitors will additionally receive $50. In addition to these monies the highest finishing Rookie at each event will also receive an additional $200. The series point leader at each event will also garner a $200 bonus from Keyser Manufacturing.

“I think we have put together a very attractive and lucrative program for our series. When you compare the number of races run to the total payout it is second to none. And we hope this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as we work and move forward to increase our sponsor involvement,” said NDRL Owner John Kennedy. “We have had great success thus far and we have to believe that it will only continue to grow. Our team is going to do all that we can to make the NDRL the premier Dirt Late Model Tour. I know people are anxious to see our schedule and we plan to make it public this week.”

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