Kyle Strickler Joins Wells & Sons Motorsports

Kyle Strickler has joined Wells and Sons Motorsports. (Jim DenHamer photo)

HAZARD, Ky. – Dirt modified ace Kyle Strickler has joined Wells and Sons Motorsports to compete in super late model and dirt modified events.

The Pennsylvania native will be the primary pilot of both the team’s super late model and modified entries. Eric Wells will enter select events this season as a teammate to Strickler.

The decision to add Strickler to the team’s lineup comes as Wells turns his primary focus to growing the family’s new business.

“Since 2005, driving the racecar has been my main focus,” Wells commented. “However, over the past year we’ve started to build Wells and Sons Motorsports here in Hazard. We’ve already had a lot of great support from the racing community in this area. As a result, growing this company for the future is my primary goal moving forward.”

Wells and Sons Motorsports was initially created to offer a full line of racing parts and accessories to area racers. The company has now expanded to offer super late model and modified chassis’ at any stage.

“We are now an official dealer for Longhorn Late Model Chassis and Longhorn Modifieds as well as Brucebilt Performance Modifieds. In addition, we can provide XR1 Rocket Chassis to anyone interested,” Wells revealed. “We are able to provide everything from bare chassis to complete rollers.”

With Wells burning the midnight oil at the new business, it created a situation where he and the team deemed it necessary to bring in a primary driver. This is where Strickler entered the fold.

“We had been taking note of the incredible things that Kyle had been doing in a Modified. I mean the guy has won pretty much every major Modified event out there the past few years,” Wells noted. “It also caught our attention, when he won the Gumbo Nationals late last year in Gavin Landers’ Super Late Model. When we talked to the guys at Longhorn Chassis about finding a driver for our team, they adamantly recommended Strickler, so that just confirmed our selection.”

For Strickler, the call from Eric Wells and his father, David Wells, was a dream come true.

“I moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in 2016 with hopes of progressing into a major dirt late model ride,” Strickler explained. “Needless to say, the progression was far slower than I had hoped. I had a few opportunities here and there, but nothing that really gave me a legitimate shot at performing at the top level.

“This deal with Wells and Sons Motorsports offers me everything that I could ever dream of. From having the opportunity to continue to compete in major Modified events to allowing me to enter the biggest super late model events I’ve got it all with their team.”

Strickler will split time between the team’s super late model and modified entries as the primary driver. When his schedule allows, Eric Wells will enter various races as well.

“Having Kyle as part of our team brings a wealth of Modified knowledge to Wells and Sons Motorsports. We’ll be able to share this with our customers to help them perform at the top level,” Wells continued. “Meanwhile, Kyle will get the opportunity to compete regularly in a top-notch Super Late Model. This is a win-win for all parties involved.”

Strickler echoed Wells’ sentiments.

“This is truly a dream scenario,” Strickler said. “Getting to finally enter events like the Dirt Late Model Dream, World 100 and Dirt Track World Championship has me so excited. I’m going to hit as many Super Late Model events as possible, but I’ll still be running a lot of high-profile Modified races. It’s going to be a hit-and-miss schedule. Each week I’ll be racing wherever makes the most sense for Wells and Sons Motorsports’ business goals.”

While Strickler has high expectations of himself, he’s realistic that this season will present a learning curve in the super late model.

“I feel like I’ve got a good feel on the handle of a Super Late Model, but knowing which adjustments need to be made is going to be a new challenge,” Strickler noted. “In the Modified I know exactly what needs to be done at any time, but in the Super Late Model it obviously needs different tweaks. The tires in themselves are a totally different game. However, with the expertise of the Wells’ family I know I can learn fairly quick.”

In the modified ranks, Strickler will utilize both a Longhorn Chassis and a Brucebuilt Race Car. Super Llate model competition finds the team drivers competing in their Longhorn Chassis.

With a new driver in the place, the team is now actively looking for experienced members to add to their team.

“With the way things are growing with both the business and the race team, we are actively pursuing new staff,” Wells commented. “We need guys here in the shop as well as on the road with the race team.”