Herrington Banks $5,000 Street Stock Check

Wil Herrington in victory lane Saturday night at Cochran Motor Speedway. (Brian McLeod Photo)
Wil Herrington in victory lane Saturday night at Cochran Motor Speedway. (Brian McLeod Photo)

COCHRAN, Ga. – Wil Herrington grew up at Cochran Motor Speedway, and his home track was the site of the biggest win of his career on Saturday night.

Herrington drove the Childs Racing Special powered by a Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine to a $5,000 victory in the 50-lap fourth annual Crate Racin’ USA Street Stock World Championship Race.

Herrington took the lead in turn four on lap 34 with a slide job pass on early leader Mark Whitener. Whitener had the momentum as he stayed in the throttle and spun Herrington coming off the fourth turn. Crate Racin’ USA officials ticketed Whitener with the caution flag, sent him to the tail of the lead lap cars, and Herrington remained the leader.

In the last 17 laps of the race Herrington held on to the point as Hayden Moran and Tyler Love battled for the second spot. Herrington brought the packed house to their feet as they cheered their hometown hero under the checkered flag with a 1.723 second margin of victory.

“This is just awesome to win a race this big at my home track in front of people I’ve known all of my life,” Herrington said. “I’m glad everyone came out tonight to get away from the stuff that’s going on in the country and enjoy some good hard racing. That’s what happened between me and Mark was just good hard racing.”

Moran won the battle for the second spot in the We Buy Junk Cars Special and Love finished third in the Interstate Towing and Fleet Service Special.

Kevin Durden took the fourth spot and fifth went to Dustin Miller.

The finish:

Wil Herrington, Hayden Moran, Tyler Love, Kevin Durden, Dustin Miller, Mark Whitener, Ricky Greene, Tuck Trentham, Shawn Washam, Chase Collins, Tim Powers, Colby Giddens, Ronnie Lee Newsome, David Earl Gentry, Joe Belkey II, Michael Stalnaker, Robby Metts, Jeff Stalnaker, Kyle Livingood, Josh Nelms, Cameron Metts.