Hedgecock Stops Madden At I-75 Raceway

Cory Hedgecock (23), seen here earlier in the season, won Tuesday's Schaeffer's Southern Nationals race at I-75 Raceway. (Chad Wells photo)

SWEETWATER, Tenn. – Cory Hedgecock held off Chris Madden to win Tuesday night’s Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Series stop at I-75 Raceway.

Hedgecock passed polesitter Ross Bailes for the race lead on lap nine and led the remaining distance, despite yellows on laps 28 and 34 that bunched the field up. He earned $3,500 for the win.

It was Hedgecock’s second career Southern Nationals win.

Madden crossed second ahead of Brandon Overton, Donald McIntosh and Ryan King.

The finish:

Cory Hedgecock, Chris Madden, Brandon Overton, Donald McIntosh, Ryan King, Tyler Millwood, Kyle Courtney, Ahnna Parkhurst, Jake Knowles, Colton Profitt, Pearson Lee Williams, Ross Bailes, Ruben Mayfield, Ryan Crane, Dusty Carver, Cody Overton, John Ownbey, Gary McPherson, Craig Greer, Jensen Ford, Jadon Frame, David Payne.