First Davenport Visit, No Problem For Pierce

Bobby Pierce (32) races around Tony Jackson Jr. at Davenport (Iowa) Speedway. (Mike Ruefer photo)

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Bobby Pierce rolled into Davenport Speedway for the first time Friday evening and left with the $3,000 check.

However, the win was far from easy. There were 31 cars total gunning for the checkers. The win is the fifth for Pierce this season and second with the Lucas Oil MLRA.

“I kind of expected the bottom to have a lot of moisture in it,” said Pierce. “I knew from the beginning when I was rolling the top I really didn’t expect it to be out there, so then when I was keeping up with them I was like, well, maybe we’ll have a real raceable track. I caught them really fast. They were stuck behind lapped cars. I was really pumped to get that win, because it was such a fun race.”

Bobby Pierce (Jim Denhamer)

Tony Jackson Jr. accumulated the most passing points and earned the pole. Jackson led early until the high line came in for Pierce, who took the lead on lap 15, and never relinquished it..

The race’s only yellow came on lap 28 when Chase Junghans and Brent Larson made contact in the middle of turns three and four.

Simpson made one last charge with four to go, but Pierce’s line and lapped traffic were too much to overcome.

“I was way better in three and four,” said Simpson. “It’s just one and two had that lip up top. I was doing all I could to keep momentum through one and two. We’re good though, we’ve got a good balanced car. We’ll move on to tomorrow and go get ’em then.”

It was another strong performance for Jimmy Mars, who passed Jackson late for third.

“You had to be pretty patient on that bottom,” mentioned Mars. “It started to clean up there. We were alright. The restart definitely helped me.”

Eric Barnes won the modified feature.

The finish:

Bobby Pierce, Chris Simpson, Jimmy Mars, Tony Jackson Jr., Jesse Stovall, Jason Feger, Tyler Bruening, Rodney Sanders, Terry Phillips, Chad Simpson, Ricky Thornton Jr., Jordan Yaggy, Dave Eckrich, Randy Timms, Brent Larson, Brantlee Gotschall, Raymond Merrill, J.C. Wyman, Spencer Diercks, Chase Junghans, Justin Asplin, Jeremy Grady, Payton Looney, Rob Toland.