Charles Roberts Acquiring Crate Racin’ USA


CARTERSVILLE, GA – Businessman Charles Roberts is leading an investment group that has purchased Crate Racin’ USA, also known as Durrence Layne Racing, from the sanctioning body’s founders Mike and Heather Vaughn.

Roberts is well-known in the motorsports industry as a fan, sponsor, tire dealer and track owner through the years.

Roberts has both personal and business reasons for leading the group that has bought Crate Racin’ USA. Through much of his time in the racing business, Roberts has developed both a personal and business relationship with the Vaughns. According to Mike Vaughn, Roberts has been a mentor to him over the past 15 years in running a racing series and being a father.

“There isn’t a person on earth that I would feel more comfortable in selling a successful racing business that Heather and I started 15 years ago than Charles Roberts,” Vaughn said. “Charles is old school when it comes to business. In today’s world of electronic communication, Charles has stayed old school in his business communications. Rather than send text, an E-Mail, or a private message, Charles is well known for getting in his car and visiting with several clients in several states in a matter of just a few days.

“As the father of three girls, Charles has also taught me how to be a Dad to my two girls,” Vaughn said. “I have made my reason to sell Crate Racin’ USA clear in that I need to spend more time with my girls. Charles understands where I’m at in my life, and he is able and willing to buy the racing business from me because he understands I need to back away from it, and at the same time, he understands this is a business that needs to stay in the industry.”

Vaughn and Roberts have done business with each other from the beginning of Crate Racin’ USA, either through Hoosier Tire South or Magnolia Motor Speedway. Roberts knew both where Vaughn was with his family, and where he was with his business.

“I knew Mike was at a point in his life where he needed to spend more time with his family, and he needed to either sell the racing business, or shut the doors.” Roberts said. “Mike had spent 15 years building Crate Racin’ USA into what it is today. Its economical nature has played a role in giving young racers an opportunity to go dirt late model racing and it has also kept many racers in the business. Crate Racin’ USA needed to stay in the industry, and I didn’t want to see it go away.”

Veteran motorsports publicist and announcer Roby Helm is the senior employee of Crate Racin’ USA, who has been with the Vaughns since 2005 and who Mike Vaughn credits helping him build the series from the ground up into what it is today. Helm will stay on as the sanctioning body’s Director of Administration and Communications.

Adam Stewart will remain as the General Manager of Crate Racin’ USA. Stewart oversees the day-today-day operation of Crate Racin’ USA and serves as the Competition Director of the sanctioning body. Stewart is also the liaison for Crate Racin’ USA and the growing number of sanctioned tracks for both the touring series’ and the Weekly Racing Series tracks.

Thomas McReynolds stays in place as the Crate Racin’ USA Technical Director while Mitchell Jenkins is the newest and youngest member of the Crate Racin’ USA team, and brings new experience to the sanctioning body on the internet as the Media Director. Jenkins is well-known as both a videographer and photographer.

Crate Racin’ USA will move forward under the new ownership group led by Roberts with two touring divisions, and four weekly racing series divisions with all major sponsors in place.