Carrier Captures Butterball Wooldridge Memorial

Eddie Carrier Jr. (10) on his way to victory in the Paul “Butterball” Wooldridge Memorial at Richmond (Ky.) Raceway on Saturday. (Michael Moats Photo)

RICHMOND, Ky. – Eddie Carrier Jr. pocketed more than $10,000 with a victory in Saturday’s 31st annual Sunoco Race Fuels Paul “Butterball” Wooldridge Memorial at Kentucky’s Richmond Raceway.

Carrier earned $10,059 for the victory plus an additional $550 in lap money, making the victory worth $10,609. The event was sanctioned by the Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series.

The start of the contest would see Victor Lee roll from his outside front-row starting position to take the race lead, with Billy Moyer Jr., Todd Coffman, Carrier and Devin Gilpin in pursuit.

Carrier would work past Coffman on lap three to claim the third position and Jason Jameson would drive past Coffman and Gilpin on the same circuit and take the fourth spot.

As Lee cruised out in front of the event, he would start lapping slower traffic on lap eleven, as Carrier closed in on Moyer for the second position. With Lee working traffic to perfection, Moyer and Carrier would battle for the second spot, with Jameson and Coffman battling for the fourth position.

Carrier would finally take the runner-up slot on lap 19 and set his sights on the leader. The first caution of the race would wave on lap 28 when Elliott Despain looped his mount on the backchute to slow the action.

The restart would see Lee maintain the lead, with Carrier giving chase, while Moyer and Jameson battled for third. Jameson would throw a slidejob pass on Moyer off of turn four on lap 32 for the third position, but Moyer would dive back under Jameson and reclaim the third spot at the line.

Mike Marlar would work his way into the top five at this point in the event as he would pass Gilpin for the fifth position, after Gilpin had taken the spot from Coffman a few circuits earlier. Debris on the racetrack would trigger the second caution flag of the event on lap 35 and on the restart, Lee would still hold the top spot, with Carrier in second, with Moyer third.

Marlar would work under Jameson for the fourth position on lap 36 and one circuit later would take the third position from Moyer. The final caution of the event would wave for debris in turn one on lap 41 and Carrier would stay right on Lee on this restart, while Marlar would be third, with Moyer and Jameson battling for fourth.

Carrier started looking under Lee for the lead by lap 44 and Carrier would take the top position exiting turn four on lap 46. Jameson and Moyer would trade the fourth spot on laps 48 and 49, with Jameson finally gaining the position on lap 54, while 22nd-starting Michael Chilton and 13th-starting Zack Dohm would battle for sixth.

Third-place running Marlar would start to have engine woes in the final laps of the event and was trying to nurse his ailing machine to the finish, allowing Carrier and Lee to pull away.

As Marlar faded, Dohm would charge through the field in the final laps and would work past Jameson and Moyer. Carrier would stave off one final challenge from Lee in the final three circuits to claim the victory, with Lee finishing second and Dohm completing the podium positions with a third-place effort. Jameson and Moyer would round out the top five.

The finish:

Eddie Carrier Jr., Victor Lee, Zack Dohm, Jason Jameson, Billy Moyer Jr., Michael Chilton, Eric Wells, Jackie Boggs, Devin Gilpin, Jared Hawkins, David Webb, Greg Johnson, Jeff Watson, Jason Barrett, Todd Coffman, Mike Marlar, Derek Fisher, Tommy Bailey, Josh Hall, Tyler Carpenter, Joey Standridge, Elliott Despain, Jeremy Berwanger, Jonathon Couch.