AMRA Planning Ahead For 2013


RACINE, Ohio – The American Motor Racing Ass’n (AMRA) concluded 2012 with its banquet last weekend, presenting more than $38,000 in cash prizes and another $10,000 in contingencies and product certificates.

The 19th Annual awards’ fete pushed the total AMRA point money to nearly $700,000 over the 19 years the AMRA has been in operation.

Now, the focus of the AMRA is to move forward with plans and rules packages for 2013, and is looking to expand the foundation of the organization. The new rule book and a major announcement concerning new sponsorship and the future of the AMRA will be released soon.

“The AMRA is a great deal for drivers, promoters, fans, and sponsors,” said Scott Wolfe, director of Racing Operations. “The attractive points’ fund, first of all helps drivers financially, but most importantly gives them an added incentive to be at the race track every single weekend. This in turn keeps more cars in the pits, the first key ingredient any promoter could wish for, and the trickle-down effect results in keeping fans in the stands and keeps sponsors on the sides of race cars. Together this makes local racing stronger and flourishing despite the downturn of the economy.

“We have seen many tracks close around the nation because of the economy. AMRA tracks are moving forward. This is a great attribute to our promoters and owners to give racers better facilities and asserts the commitment they are making to make their tracks better.”

“The AMRA is a great deal for the local racer,” said Ohio Valley champion Robbie Evans. “The efforts of the AMRA greatly benefit the weekend racers in a big way. The banquet helps us all celebrate the hard work of a long racing season, and the AMRA does it in a big way.”

“And we are not sitting still,” said Wolfe. “We are currently busy working on some great prospects and some innovative ideas for 2013. We hope to head into 2013 with a full head of steam.”

At the banquet, 2012 Malta Doors and Windows National Champion Kenny Johnson said, “The AMRA has been a good deal for me over the past 13 years and a great deal for the local racers.”

“We had motor problems late in the year,” Johnson continued, “But Coop (Tim Cooper, crew chief) found some way to keep us in the points’ chase at Jackson, where we were vying for that track championship and a new Coyote chassis. Then Jason Canepari stepped up and loaned us his engine. We used that engine 5 times with three (3) wins and two (2) seconds.”

“You (with AMRA) always have that extra incentive to keep going. The points’ fund and the way the AMRA celebrates it top drivers is a good deal as well. AMRA has some of the best drivers nationwide, and being able to be champion is a true privilege.

Longtime Johnson supporter and racing enthusiast Tom Lemon reflected the importance of the AMRA, saying, “Tonight– banquet night– was a nice deal. You guys (AMRA) did a great job. I had a great time!”

Promoter Brad McCown at Jackson County said, “The AMRA is strong organization. I’m in (AMRA) for 2013 and looking for a good year this upcoming season.”

Other promoters reflected McCown’s sentiments and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of the banquet. Folks from other racing entities on hand expressed the same sentiments, including race promoters, sponsors, drivers, and crews.

“The AMRA is about making local racing better, ensuring the safety of drivers, giving drivers something significant to shoot for. And to have a positive impact on ‘keeping racing affordable’ and resilient to hurdles that face all teams and organizations today,” added Wolfe.

“Some drivers have expressed their concern with having a “bad start” to the season, and thus not having a shot at the pointÂ’s title. The structure of the points in AMRA is such that drivers can have bad start, but finish strong and still have a shot at cracking the top 25 or even better. Likewise, a driver can have a good start and a slow finish, but still be able to benefit from the point fund. That is what helps make the AMRA so attractive.”

“Then comes the contingencies and door prizes. We had seven or eight drivers not in the top points, but who attended the banquet that went home with major prizes and certificates. Tyler Evans won one of the major prizes– a PST driveshaft. The AMRA is for all drivers.”

“If you race to win week-in and week-out, the points chase will take care of itself,” added Johnson.

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