Lanigan Banks $40,000 Knoxville Prize

Darrell Lanigan (29) and Josh Richards battle for the lead Saturday night at Knoxville Raceway. (Mike Ruefer photo)
Darrell Lanigan (29) and Josh Richards battle for the lead Saturday night at Knoxville Raceway. (Mike Ruefer photo)

Lanigan passed Richards before the cars entered turn three on lap 95, allowing him to carry his momentum to the victory.

“I wanted to win this race so bad,” said the 43-year old Kentucky native. “Our car was good all weekend here. We didn’t make the trip last year, but to come back and win this race for the first time, is phenomenal. Knoxville is right up there among the elite tracks in dirt track racing and they do a tremendous job with the racing surface.”

Lanigan went onto compliment the facility and his team on his crown jewel victory. “This race continues to grow every year and really is a great event with a great purse,” Lanigan said. “We are just honored to be able to come here, and to beat these guys says a lot about our race team, our Club 29 Rocket, Cornett Racing Engines, and all of the people that help us out. Thanks to all the fans for coming out this weekend.”

Richards now has three second-place finishes in this event was disappointed with his second-place finish as he thought he had a car capable of winning.

“We started off real good, the car worked well, then we slowed the pace a little bit, and that’s when Darrell caught me and got by me the first time,” Richards said. “That red flag with six laps to go really hurt us, I am kicking myself a little bit. When he got by me on that restart, I knew I was in some trouble, because I couldn’t turn the car in the corners.”

McCreadie had a good performance on Friday night and backed it up with a solid third-place in the 100-lap finale.

“We haven’t run that well for about a month,” McCreadie said. “To come here and get third is almost like a win for us. I know we have won this race before, but hopefully it’s a big step forward to close out the year. This is such a good-paying race, everyone needs to support these kinds of events.”

The finish:

Darrell Lanigan, Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie, Steve Francis, Billy Moyer, John Blankenship, Brady Smith, Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Owens, Chad Simpson, Jason Utter, Ryan Unzicker, Dennis Erb Jr., Don O’Neal, Jason Feger, Dale McDowell, Eddie Carrier Jr., Ryan Gustin, Frank Heckenast Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Jared Landers, Jimmy Mars, Earl Pearson Jr., Brandon Sheppard, A.J. Diemel, Shannon Babb, Morgan Bagley, Chris Simpson, Bub McCool, Justin Kay, Tony Jackson Jr.