Home Track Hero Feger Rules Illini 100


Feger, whose career-best finish in three previous Illini 100 A-Main starts was sixth in 2010, candidly admitted that he had never worked harder to win a race. His 100 laps racing at the front of the pack were filled with stress.

Jason Feger in victory lane at Farmer City Raceway. (Mike Ruefer photo)

“Honestly, I am just exhausted,” said Feger, who maintained command through five caution flags. “That was just a long, tough race. This is a very unique place, very demanding. You can’t rest for a second here, so I was running the ragged edge the whole way.”

When Feger took the checkered flag, the track’s packed grandstand let out a huge roar for the local boy who made good. He then took his customary backward victory lap to get close to his ‘Feger Nation’ fans in the drive-in section outside turns one and two and was greeted in the winner’s circle by his overjoyed team and another loud ovation.

“It hasn’t even really set in yet,” an awed Feger said more than a half-hour after the race ended. “I don’t even think I’ve caught my breath.

“It’s crazy. When the race ended, I felt like I was in a trance. I’m still just trying to remember what even happened out there. I mean, man – to win $20,000 at my hometrack and be the first guy from Illinois to win the Illini, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

The finish:

Jason Feger, Billy Moyer, Brian Birkhofer, Shane Clanton, Scott James, Brandon Sheppard, Darrell Lanigan, Chub Frank, Rick Eckert, Kent Robinson, Eric Wells, Josh Richards, Morgan Bagley, Dillon Wood, Tim Fuller, Derek Chandler, Tim McCreadie, Bub McCool, Clint Smith, Ryan Unzicker, Jimmy Mars, Shannon Babb, Brian Shirley, Billy Drake.