Hebert Claims Dramatic 358 Modified Show


Clair boxed in Hebert on the outside, ready to make his move and nose ahead, but a yellow flag brought by Matt Sheppard in lap 22 brought the field back together.

Hebert kept his lead off the restart, but Paine took advantage of the situation to charge ahead to take second from Mario Clair. Clair rode in third, Robidoux in fourth, and 39a Therrien in fifth.

“I started on the outside,” said Paine, who drew the pole for the initial start but early on lost ground to Hebert and Clair. “It was a little slimy and Mario beat me on the start. Then I foolishly went to the bottom, and a lap or two later the track dried up enough to race on. So then I got back to the top and got back to second.”

However, Paine was not able to keep his position much longer. Yellow conditions hit the field again in lap 28, and maintained his lead off the restart. In lap 37, Hebert reached began again to lap cars in the back of the field, but this time wasn’t ready to let it slow him down.

For Paine, the lapped traffic cost him a position as Mario Clair powered forward with the leader Hebert in his sights. Hebert, meanwhile, had established a seemingly insurmountable lead, and seemed ready to claim an early victory.

A late race caution with one lap to go threw a wrench in Hebert’s plans, calling for a restart followed by a green-white-checkered finish. Hebert stuck to his guns and stayed ahead, outlasting a dramatic last-lap yellow to pick up the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series win at Autodrome Drummond.

Mario Clair finished second, followed in third by Steve Paine, who was happy to have fared so well amongst Autodrome Drummond’s best.

“Those guys run first and second here every week. They finished first and second here in points, and to come here and run third to them is really good for me,” said Paine, who took Bruno LePage’s No. 99 to a podium finish in Friday’s feature event. “We came here tonight and I was surprised at how good I was right off the bat. We were fast in warm-ups, fast in time trials, fast in heat, and pretty good in the feature.”

Danny Johnson charged from his 16th starting position to fourth at the checkered flag. Kayle Robidoux finished fifth after starting eighth and defending his spot in the top-five against challenges from Jimmy Phelps. Rounding out the top ten are Phelps in sixth, Alan Therrien in seventh, Carey Terrance in eighth, Dominic Dufault in ninth and Brian McDonald in tenth.