Drown Tops Attica Hell Tour Thriller


And if that wasn’t good enough, the UMP Modifieds wrapped up the night with a spectacular feature. Dona Marcoullier, Jeff Babcock and Kevin. Morehouse battled for the lead the last 21 laps of the 25-lap event. When the dust settled it was Newark, Ohio’s Morehouse who was in the Engine Pro Victory Lane.

“I’m not used to these UMP tires. This is the first time I’ve ever been here and I love it. We’re used to the open tires but I can get used to these because we don’t have to have as many,” said Morehouse beside his Morehouse Logging, Sam’s Used Cars backed #88. “I would like to thank Larry Reed and his wife, Tommy Patten, Gary Clark and his boy Davey.”

Drown and Sheppard would bring the field to the green for the 40-lap late model feature with Drown gaining the advantage over Sheppard, Pierce , Devin Moran, Jon Henry and Jeep VanWormer. The first caution would fly on lap three when Matt Irey spun in turn four. When the green flew, Drown pulled away slightly from Sheppard who had his hands full with Pierce as Moran, Henry, VanWormer, Dustin Griffin and Jeff Babcock gave chase.

Drown would continue to hold a two car length advantage as Sheppard and Pierce raced each other hard for the runner-up spot. The caution would fly on lap 11 when Chris Ross and JR Gentry spun. Again Drown began to pull away slightly when the green reappeared as Sheppard and Pierce tried to stay close with Henry, Moran, Griffin, Ryan Missler, Babock and Rusty Schlenk gave chase.

However, as Drown caught the rear of the field, his advantage quickly shrank as Sheppard and Pierce both closed. At the half way point, Sheppard was racing to Drown’s inside in turns one and two to challenge with Pierce right on their rear bumper. The trio ran side by side and nose to tail over the next handful of laps, thrilling the large crowd. By lap 30, the leaders were in heavy lapped traffic and Drown made a gutsy move, splitting two lapped machines to maintain his lead.

Pierce would drive into second on lap 31, but Sheppard would return the favor two laps later as they raced to Drown’s inside. With three laps to go you could throw a tissue over the top three of Drown, Sheppard and Pierce. Just as Sheppard threw a flier at Drown in turns three and four as they came to the line on lap 38, the caution flew for Ryan Missler who sat on the front stretch.

On the ensuing restart with a clear track, Drown pinched Sheppard to the bottom when the green flew and then switched lines from top to bottom in turns one and two to block Sheppard’s advance. The move paid off as Drown drove away for the win over Sheppard, Pierce, Henry and Schlenk.