Record Money On The Line For USMTS


WEBSTER CITY, Iowa — The 2014 United States Modified Touring Series campaign will run a record number of events and offer record bonuses to boot.

Officials from the USMTS have announced that one driver could turn a record-breaking performance into a record-setting trip to the bank.

The four regional champions were set to earn at least $5,000 while the USMTS national champion was slated to earn $20,000 at season’s end, a whopping $40,000 if one driver wins all four regions and the national crown.

However, USMTS Promoter Todd Staley announced Wednesday that any driver who can win all four regions and cap that off with the USMTS National Championship will earn a $60,000 bonus for an astounding $100,000 payday.

“This is something we have wanted to do for some time now, but you have to have the support from drivers, fans and sponsors to make it work,” Staley said. “Not only are the drivers who compete in the USMTS the best of the best, but this is proof that our fans and marketing partners are the best of the best too.”

Sweeping four regions and the national title is a tall order, but other bonuses are also in place for top performers.

Any driver who can win two regional titles and the national championship will get a $20,000 bonus to make his or her take-home pay $50,000 instead of $30,000. If a driver can win three regions and come out on top after the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s National Championship, it will pay $75,000 instead of $35,000, an added bonus of $40,000.

The 16th season for the United States Modified Touring Series and quest for the 2014 USMTS National Championship kicks off at the South Texas Speedway in Corpus Christi, Feb. 6-8.