Mosley Family Acquires Larry Shaw Race Cars

Jeff Taylor (left) along with the husband-and-wife duo of Marlene Mosley (center) and Scott Mosley (right) are leading Shaw Race Cars into the future.
Jeff Taylor (left) along with the husband-and-wife duo of Marlene Mosley (center) and Scott Mosley (right) are leading Shaw Race Cars into the future.

BATESVILLE, Ark. – Scott and Marlene Mosley, in partnership with Jeff Taylor, took over the ownership and operation of Larry Shaw Racing on July 1.

With their acquisition they renamed the company, Shaw Race Cars.

“We’ve met many great people throughout the last 10 years of racing,” Scott Mosley noted. “When this incredible opportunity came along, allowing us to be more involved in the racing community, we couldn’t pass it up. We’re now just a few weeks into owning the company, but we are already loving every minute of it. Larry [Shaw] built an amazing repertoire of great racers and working hand-in-hand with them to help them reach their goals is a great feeling.”

In addition to their involvement in racing, the Mosley family also have various business endeavors within their home state of Arkansas. The opportunity to invest in the racing community was a dream come true.

“We’ve made a lot of great memories with our son [Travis], our family, and friends at the racetrack over the last decade,” Scott Mosley continued. “What Larry Shaw and his staff have built with their company over the past 40 plus years is extraordinary. To carry on the storied tradition of this legendary company is truly an honor.”

The existing staff at Larry Shaw Race Cars, including Larry’s son Kevin Shaw, have retained their existing roles as the company continues its transition to Shaw Race Cars.

“Larry [Shaw] has put together a topnotch staff, and we are excited to continue building on what he has in place,” Scott Mosley said. “Adding the expertise of Jeff [Taylor] only adds to what is already an exceptional staff. Jeff is now leading our development program, while also providing tech support both at and away from the track.”

Scott’s wife, Marlene, went on to elaborate on Taylor’s role in the new endeavor.

“Jeff Taylor is an important part of this transition,” she shared. “His innovation, knowledge, and skills are vital in achieving our goal to offer the same quality service and cars Larry Shaw Racing is known for.”

For Taylor, he’s relishing in his new position.

“Scott and Marlene [Mosley] are some of the finest folks you’ll ever meet, and I think the world of them,” Taylor stated. “We’ve got some big things in plan that I think will allow our customers to be even more successful. I can’t wait to see what the future will hold.”

Over the past 40 years, Larry Shaw Race Cars has built over 5,000 racecars, including both Modifieds and Late Models. Shaw Race Cars will continue to provide tech support and part’s services for all chassis, including past, present and future.

For Larry Shaw, he knows that he will miss being in the office each day, but on the same token he’s excited to see what the future will hold under the direction of the Mosley family.

“I couldn’t imagine a finer group of folks than the Mosley family to carry on the tradition of Larry Shaw Race Cars,” Shaw said. “Selling this company is not something I was sure I’d ever do, but always said if the right people came along that I’d definitely consider it. Well, the Mosley family is indeed the right folks to carry on what my family and I have built over the past four decades.

“I just want to say thanks to everyone, who has ever supported this company. I look forward to seeing what Shaw customers continue to accomplish for many years to come.”