Gular Is Grandview Modified Master

Mike Gular in victory lane at Grandview Speedway. (Dan Demarco photo)
Mike Gular in victory lane at Grandview Speedway. (Dan Demarco photo)

BECHTELSVILLE, Pa. — Mike Gular picked up the $3,000 win in the NASCAR 358 portion of the Hodnett Cup Thunder on the Hill racing program Thursday at Grandview Speedway.

Dylan Swinhart and Alex Yankowski made up the front row of the 30-lap feature – but it was Gular who took the lead heading down the backstretch of the one-third-mile dirt track, with Duane Howard moving into the second position just one circuit later.

Gular and Howard dueled for the top spot for the first half of the event, before a lap-16 yellow flag slowed the action and reset the field.

A three-car battle for the win between Gular, Howard, and Jeff Strunk brought the event down to the wire.

Door-to-door drag racing to the checkered flag, Gular picked up the win with Howard in second, Jeff Strunk in third, Craig VonDohren in fourth and Jared Umbenhauer in the fifth position.

The finish:

Feature (30 Laps) – 1. Mike Gular  2. Duane Howard  3. Jeff Strunk  4. Craig VonDohren  5. Jared Umbenhauer  6. Alex Yankowski  7. Brett Kressley  8. Rick Laubach  9. Briggs Danner 10. Ryan Watt  11. Richie Pratt Jr.  12. Dylan Swinehart  13. Brian Hirthler 14. Ryan Beltz 15. Doug Manmiller 16. Kevin Hirthler  17. Ryan Grim  18. Louden Reimert  19. Justin Grim 20. Ron Kline  21. Jordan Henn 22. Danny Erb 23. Billy Pauch Jr. 24 Jack Butler  25. Don Norris Jr.