Chevy Performance LMs Debut In August


“The engines we’ve been running are 1950s technology,” Johnson said. “When people first see the CT 525 Engine for the first time, they’re a little hesitant to embrace it because its 21st Century technology and the engine looks different. It has electronic ignition, and it has no distributor, but rather coil packs that sit on top of the valve covers.”

Johnson likes to talk about the cost-effectiveness of the engine, its durability, and the lack of time-consuming maintenance of the Chevrolet Performance CT 525 Engine.

“I’ve been running this engine for four years and I’ve won enough money during that time period to pay for the engine several times over,” Johnson said. “The only thing I’ve had to do to the engine in four years is change the oil, and I’ve put a couple of sets of spark plugs in it. It has not leaked that first drop of oil, and with the lack of maintenance this engine requires, it has given me more time to work on the chassis of the race car.”

So with the Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series set to begin, Johnson is all in to go for the championship, and Purvis believes in this new concept of super late model racing so much, he has chosen to be a co-promoter for the first time of one the series events, the Sept. 14 race at Clarksville (Tenn.) Speedway.

Now a third National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame Inductee has both a driver and a promoter has gotten behind the Chevrolet Performance Dirt Late Model Series.

Billy Thomas has announced that he is coming out of retirement to compete in the Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series. As a promoter, Thomas will host the second race of the season on Aug. 3 at his family’s speed plant, East Alabama Motor Speedway as a part of its 40-year anniversary.

“As both a super late model competitor and promoter, I know both sides of the fence, and the costs to both compete in and promote a super late model race are out of hand,” Thomas said. “The Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series is a great concept and something that has been needed for a long time. I’m excited to support it as both a competitor and a promoter.”