$20,000 Modified Prize To Jason Hughes


From there, Hughes pulled out to a commanding advantage while Krohn sat solidly in second ahead of Phillips, Jason Cummins and Brandon Davis. Behind them were Scott, Tommy Myer, Jon Tesch, Ryan Gustin and Rodney Sanders-all looking for a faster way around the race track.

Krohn closed up behind Hughes again with 39 laps down and the night came to an end for Davis on lap 40 when broken gears in his quick change rear end sent him to the infield.

As the laps ticked off, Hughes continued to find the fastest way around while Krohn remained within striking distance. After battling with Krohn for several laps, Scott made his way around and into the second spot with just 10 laps to go.

But Hughes’ trip to victory lane was delayed on the 93rd lap when Tesch’s modified came to a stop in turn 4 to bring out the race’s final caution with seven laps to go.

Scott tried his luck on the low side of the racing surface, but was never able to rattle Hughes who drove to his biggest payday in his USMTS career.

“We had a really good car all weekend; Steve (Karver, crew chief) had this thing dialed in and we were pretty comfortable out there,” Hughes said following his seventh USMTS win at Deer Creek, “I didn’t want to see that caution at the end. I hadn’t seen anybody until then so I figured we were running pretty good.”

Scott, who debuted a new GRT Chassis this weekend with Eagle Motorsports, gave the team their first USMTS win in preliminary action Friday night but wound up one spot short in Saturday’s finale.

“I guess you have to be happy with a second against this level of competition, but we really felt like we had something going in,” the race’s polesitter said. “I didn’t really have anything for Hughes at the end unless he screwed up, and he doesn’t screw up.”

Joey Jensen, who finished second to Gustin and one spot ahead of Hughes in last year’s WMDTC, came to life late in the race and used the final restart to take third away from Krohn. Krohn’s racing teammate, Rodney Sanders, finished behind him in fifth.

The finish:

Jason Hughes, Stormy Scott, Joey Jensen, Jason Krohn, Rodney Sanders, Terry Phillips, Zack VanderBeek, Jason Cummins, Ryan Gustin, Johnny Scott, Chris Brown, Craig Thatcher, Mike Sorensen, Bob Timm, Tommy Myer, Randy Timms, Ryan Ruter, Matt Dotson, Jon Tesch, Brandon Jensen, Thomas Tillison Jr., Josh Angst, Lucas Schott, Jeremy Payne, Brandon Davis, Ron Jones, Keith Foss, Jordan Grabouski, Brad Waits, Tommy Weder Jr., Steve Wetzstein.